Free Leadership Quiz

For each statement in the assessment, you will be asked to choose one of the following frequencies:

  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Often
  • Always

All your answers are anonymous. Go with your first impulse. Remember, the goal is to provide an accurate leadership assessment for growth and development purposes.

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Q1. When team members perform well, I show genuine appreciation for their work.

Q2. I make members on my team feel like they belong.

Q3. I speak positively in the workplace.

Q4. I personally get to know my employees and their unique talents, needs, goals and wants.

Q5. I’m concise when speaking and writing emails.

Q6. I ask questions to further understand what someone else on my team is saying.

Q7. I encourage others to pursue deeper meaning in their work beyond money.

Q8. When I make decisions, I take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of my team.

Q9. My team knows and understands what good looks like within the context of their job.

Q10. I am good at having difficult conversations with my team members.

Q11. I inspire my team to be better.

Q12. I make the development of team members a priority.

Q13. I respond positively in adverse situations.

Q14. Individuals on my team come into work knowing what is important for them to accomplish.

Q15. I clearly communicate where the team is headed long-term.

Q16. I track and measure the progress my team makes towards meeting our goals.